Second Year Experience

Your second year at Nazareth is all about building on the skills you learned in your first year. Now that you have your feet on the ground, what’s next?

Gaining experience and focusing on your personal, academic and career progress is key to your success at Naz.

Community and Connection

Gain a deepening sense of direction and engagement through your degree and course progress. Create a sense of campus, local, and global awareness through participation and reflection.

  • Community Service Programs: There's something for everybody here, no matter what your interest, time, or commitment level is. You can make a difference in your community!
  • Leadership Program: Actively develop skills and your leadership abilities through our co-curricular leadership certificate and/or a leadership role in one of many organizations on campus
  • Academic Success Coaching:  One-on-one meetings can help with organization, motivation, academic skill building and any tough transitions.
  • Study Abroad: Learn through and become an active part of the global community we live in.

Career and Curriculum

Actively participate in the exploration and integration of knowledge, skills and aspirations. Develop relationships with your peers to form a strong class identity.

  • Tutoring@Naz: FREE tutors! Any students can request help for succeeding in any course.
  • Advising and Core Curriculum: It’s getting real. Get the answers you need to advising and curriculum related questions.
Stolen Peckham