Staff Employee Handbook

Welcome to the online version of the Staff Employee Handbook. This handbook is intended to serve as a general guide and answer questions you may have about working at Nazareth College. As an employee, you are expected to familiarize yourself with and comply with the College’s policies and procedures. While the Staff Employee Handbook provides for much detail, it does not cover every extent of every circumstance. Questions regarding the information in the handbook should be directed to your supervisor or to the Human Resources office at 585-389-2065.

These policies and procedures are subject to change. The online version below will be the most current version at all times. It is your responsibility to confirm the status of policies or other information provided. For convenience, updates made to policies in this handbook will be listed in the Staff Handbook Updates section on this page.

If you have questions or feedback about the Staff Employee Handbook, please contact the Human Resources office.

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Staff Handbook Updates

The Staff Handbook was updated in April 2024.