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Our Mission

You have chosen to work at one of the finest comprehensive educational institutions in the nation. We hope your association with the University will be as enjoyable as it is productive. You have the opportunity through your dedication, enthusiasm, and abilities to help the University fulfill its mission of student success and, in turn, grow further in reputation. We are pleased you have joined us.

New Hire Forms

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

On Page 1: only complete Section 1 of the I-9 form. Human Resources completes Section 2.

SEIU Local 200 Membership Form

Those wishing to be non-members should send a letter to the Syracuse SEIU office indicating that desire. Include your name, workplace, and job title. The address: 

SEIU Local 200 United
731 James Street, Suite #300
P.O. Box 1130
Syracuse, NY 13201

W4 (Federal Tax Withholdings)

IT-2104 (State Tax Withholdings)

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit for Multiple Accounts

Emergency Contact

NYS Notice of Electronic Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who do I contact from my School/College?

Health and Human Services

Business and Leadership

Arts and Sciences


Who can I contact from Human Resources?
When will I receive my contract?

Your contract will typically be sent out to your personal email four weeks before the semester begins. If you have not yet received your contract, please contact your school’s Executive Assistant ("who do I contact from my school," above).

I was sent only one contract. Where are my other contracts?

If your Gmail inbox is set to "conversation view," all contracts would have collapsed into the same email thread. Please open up the original email again and click on the ellipses to view the contents.

Where do I submit my new hire paperwork?

Submit your new hire paperwork:

In person: Smyth 45 (basement), Human Resources office

Please make an appointment with Lauren Larkin ( to drop off the paperwork and provide acceptable I-9 Documentation. The documentation is used to establish Identity and Employment Authorization.

When will I get access to my Naz accounts?

Your Naz online account is granted once you have signed and returned your contract, and your new hire paperwork was submitted and I-9 verification has been completed with Human Resources.

How do I get my parking sticker?

You can sign up for your parking permit on the Parking and Transportation website. You will receive an email when your parking permit is ready for pick up at Campus Safety, located in the basement of the Shults Center.

How do I get my NazCard ID?

Once you have your Naz online access, please visit Campus Safety located in the basement of the Shults Center to receive your NazCard ID. Note: Your picture will be taken at this time for the ID card.

Where can I find supplies? Can I access an office to meet with students?
  • Health and Human Services
    • Contact your department assistant to reserve time and access to the adjunct rooms, as well as supplies.
  • Business and Leadership
    • An adjunct office in Smyth Hall, Room 162, is available for your use. If you would like access, complete a key request form. More information is available from your program director.
    • Limited supplies are available in the back of the main business and leadership suite, Smyth Hall Room 147. Requests for specifics not found there can be emailed to Elizabeth Degnan, Executive Assistant,
  • Arts and Sciences
    • Contact your department assistant to reserve time and access to the adjunct rooms, as well as supplies.
  • Education
    • An adjunct office is available in Golisano Academic Center (called GAC), Room 268, next to the resource/copy room. You can access it by swiping your NazCard ID. Requests for supplies can be sent to Pamela Griffin, Executive Assistant,

SEIU Local 200

Collective Bargaining Agreement
SEIU Local 200 Vision/Dental Plan

Coming Soon!


Jo Bussler

Jeanne Coonan

Patricia Browne

Colleen Wolf

Emmett Wilson

Union Officers

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Employment Opportunities

See for current employment opportunities.

Have questions? Contact Human Resources,

Saving for Retirement

Make contributions to a Retirement Plan with TIAA

Enrollment Instructions

Retirement Plan Summary Plan Description

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