Internships Abroad

First-hand, out-of-classroom experience is one tried and true way for students to develop and demonstrate marketable skills, build connections, and enhance resumes, all of which contribute to career success. Completing an internship abroad is one of the best opportunities Nazareth offers to remain globally engaged in an ever-changing, evolving world. A variety of short- and long-term internship opportunities have been compiled below for you to explore. Together with our partner organizations, we offer internships abroad for almost every major, both in-person and virtually.

Short Term Internships Abroad

Summer Internships Abroad

Virtual International Internships

Virtual International Internships

Long Term Internships Abroad

Semester Long Internships Abroad


International Internship Funding Sources

  1. SPARK Grant for eligible students
  2. Non-SPARK funding (grants available through the CIE); eligibility requirements are as follows:
    • You are no longer SPARK eligible
    • An internship is required for your major/program
    • You demonstrate financial need (award based on need)
    • Preference is given to seniors
    • GPA of 2.5 or higher 
  3. Self-Fund (opt out of funding)


Qualifying freshman, sophomore, & transfer students have access to this time-sensitive grant. Learn how you can use your SPARK Grant before it expires!

Experiential Learning

Some short-term opportunities are an approved pathway for Experiential Learning, which is one component of the Core Curriculum at Naz.