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Health Care in a Changing Multicultural Society

For the past five years, students have been able to participate in the Health NSG 336K course in the United Kingdom. Examine the search for health in contemporary American society from an outside perspective. Demographic, sociological, and economic variables will be studied. Issues of access, cost, and quality of health care make up the framework of the course, accented by the evolution of health care changes unfolding before us. This course meets writing intensive and global course requirements of Nazareth's core curriculum.

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Maggie Collazo '11

"We had to get halfway across the city for an interview with one of the best midwifes in the UK. The interview was fantastic – we collected so much information about the profession and health care in England and realized just how much our system needs an upgrade. Spending an hour interviewing this amazing woman and learning more than we could have anticipated definitely was worth it!"

Program Director

Mary D. Maher

Mary D. Maher

Assistant Professor in Nursing
Smyth Hall