Posting your Internship

When should I send my posting?

We accept internship postings throughout the year, but students intern during fall, spring and summer terms (academic calendar). Good times to send your posting:

  • For a fall intern, post by late July/early August.
  • For a spring intern, post by November/December.
  • For a summer intern, most post between January and April.

What do I include in my posting?

  • A brief description of the organization
  • A listing of intern responsibilities and tasks
  • Overview of learning opportunities available to the student by participating in your internship
  • Time frame (Nazareth interns earn credit by semester and must spend 120 hours minimum AND 10 weeks during the semester or 8 weeks during the summer)
  • Paid or unpaid? (For-profit internship sites: Read this position statement by the National Association for Colleges and Employers)
  • On-site or remote?
  • Instructions on how to apply (Most internship sponsors prefer for students to email them a resume)

Handshake for Employers

Nazareth College uses a web-based job search engine called Handshake for employers to post full- and part-time positions and internships.

  • Click "Sign up for an account" and select "Employer". Fill in the required information about your organization.
  • Once you have set up your account, select "Post a Job" to begin posting your opportunities.
  • We will approve your notice once you submit it (usually within 24 hours) and it will then be posted live for our students.
  • If we have any questions about your posting, we'll contact you. You can use the same system to post full-time opportunities for our students.

If you have questions about Handshake or need assistance in creating an internship description, please contact the Professional Internship Program at