Selecting your Intern

What happens after I post my position?

All Nazareth students will have access to your position if they log into Handshake to view internships. Beyond Handshake, the Internships Program sends out internship newsletters and announcements to targeted students encouraging them to consider and apply for an internship. The Internships Program also communicates regularly with faculty members from across the college and involves them in the internship process. These faculty members can also encourage and identify potential candidates.

How should I conduct interviews?

Employers are welcome to handle the interview process on their own (by using phone screens, on-site interviews, etc.) or to use Nazareth facilities and conduct interviews here. Interviews on campus are arranged in advance as space needs to be reserved. Contact if you wish to conduct interviews on campus.

What happens after I select an intern?

We love when a match is made! All Nazareth interns earning academic credit need to complete a few forms and register for an internship class. Your student should handle this step on their own, but be aware that they will be coming to you to sign a site agreement and to discuss learning goals.

During the mid-point of the internship, you may get an informal visit from the Director of Internships or another faculty member. These visits are planned well in advance and are typically very low-key and enjoyable for everyone. At the conclusion of the internship, your intern provide you with a performance evaluation. We ask that you complete this evaluation and go over it with your intern as you would do with a standard review with an employee. We believe this is an invaluable part of the internship and appreciate your assistance with this step.

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What are employers saying about Nazareth interns?

Our interns have been described as:

...just to name a few!