Google Apps FAQs

What will my email address be?
What will my new password be?
What username should I use?
What is the URL of our new account?
What browser should we use?
What if I already have a personal Google account?
Are our new accounts on the same system as the present student Google Apps?
What about all of my folders?
Is there a quota in Gmail?
Is there a file size maximum for attachments in Gmail?
I have a personal Google account and see dozens of Google Apps. Why don't I see them all in my new Nazareth account?
I'm worried about confusing my personal Gmail with my Nazareth Gmail. Any suggestions?
Can documents I already have in my personal drive be opened from my Nazareth drive?
Does that mean we can share documents with others as well?
Will this replace our existing shared spaces, such as FS-1?
With so many tools available, is this coming to replace Moodle as a learning management system?
Can Google Apps be set up on my mobile devices?
Where do we go for questions and resolving problems?
How do we share calendars?
Do we need to make any changes on our mobile devices to sync our calendars?
How do we fix duplicate contacts?

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