Google Groups Resources

Google Groups Email Settings Video

A 4-minute overview of Google Groups, including how to change your Google Groups email delivery settings

Google Groups Email Settings Reference Guide (PDF)

A downloadable, one-page reference guide on how to change your Google Groups email delivery settings


Why the move to Google Groups?

In response to community demand, the change to Google Groups will provide each individual with more flexibility and control over how to consume the information sent to faculty and staff each day.

Under My Groups, I see that I am also a member of groups with RECEIVE or SEND appended to them. What are these groups for?

These are complimentary special groups that facilitate the functioning of the email list groups (i.e. fulltime_staff) as needed.  It is best to ignore these special groups.

What happens when I leave a group?

For mandatory email groups (i.e., you are automatically subscribed to lists based on your role within the university. These mandatory lists are updated periodically via automated processes. So while you may select the option to leave the group, you will be re-subscribed to the group at the next list update.