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There's a reason we call certain majors "the humanities." Studying them at Nazareth is all about what it means to be human. To be a student of the world, for life. To learn how to adapt. To find fascination in everything going on around you.

Glory Egwuonwu Amadi

Glory Egwuonwu Amadi '18, Legal Studies and Chinese

“Learning is so powerful,” says Glory Egwuonwu Amadi ‘18, who double majors in legal studies and Chinese. She loves the adrenaline and electricity of knowing new things and says she has transformed in her first two years at Nazareth, especially from study abroad and multiple mentors.

Passion for Teaching Religious Studies

Prof. Susan Nowak doesn’t want to change what you believe. Her religious studies courses challenge you to examine your beliefs more deeply and to understand beliefs around the world.

Mary Walrath

Spotlight: Mary Walrath ‘18

"I've never had an internship where I was just getting coffee," says Mary Walrath '18, who completed five internships during her second and third years of college and won journalism awards for her work. To compete for jobs, "you need to have that experience as an edge." Read about Mary Walrath »

Carolyn Lagoe

Carolyn Lagoe, Communication Professor

"Health communication is a way to make a positive and measurable impact in people's lives. Health campaigns are not about forcing someone to do something they don't want to do. They're about identifying the barriers ... and [enabling people] to change their behaviors." Read about Carolyn Lagoe »

Anthony Stirpe '98 guides his English classes to create movies

Anthony Stirpe '98

This creative English teacher guides his students to create films.

Leah Stacy

Leah Stacy, English and communication professor

Using social media professionally and strategically is part of classes taught by Leah Stacy, assistant professor in professional practice in English and communication.

Corinne Dempsey

From India to Iceland with Dr. Corinne Dempsey

"The aspect of religion that most fascinates me is how religion and culture intertwine and inform one another. This has led me to explore religious practices typically thought to be 'out of place,' such as Christian pilgrimage and saint devotion in south India and Hindu temple worship in North America. My work has led me to the joys and challenges of comparison, a process that looms large in my courses, my writing, and in my recent adventures with Icelandic trance mediums and spirit healers."  Associate Professor Corinne Dempsey (second from left) with students and others in front of a Hindu temple in Ernakulam, Kerala, India, in 2016

Isabel Cordova

Isabel Córdova, Ph.D., history and political science professor

Take a Latin American history class from Prof. Isabel Córdova, Ph.D. — and make history. Students collect oral history and expand the Rochester Public Library's resources.

From Nazareth to NASA

“This was at a time when education was very scripted, and I rebelled against that form of teaching. Nazareth gave me an open mind, so when the opportunity arrived to come to NASA, I saw it as the perfect place to be.” — Kimberly Brush '96 on her experience at Nazareth. Brush is currently educator professional development specialist at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.

Devin Kelly '13, Sociology major

Spotlight: Devin Kelly '13, sociology

While studying abroad in England, Devin Kelly interned with Leeds City Council and Getaway Girls, an organization that empowers girls and women. After graduating from Nazareth, Devin returned to Leeds where she currently works for Genesis Leeds, a mental health organization, and Leeds City Council.

Justin Walsh, Karli Olin Walsh, Nazareth College grads

Spotlight: Justin and Karli Walsh '96, English literature

For 16 years, Justin and Karli Walsh have been international educators in places such as The Dominican Republic, Philippines, China, and Qatar.

Fulbright Scholars

Nazareth is among the top producers of undergraduate Fulbright scholars, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. In the last five years, there have been 18 Fulbrights awarded to Nazareth College students.

Interning at Steve Madden

    Yomayra Guerrero '16, communication and media major, interned with Steve Madden.

    Study Abroad

    Study abroad allows you to travel the globe and learn along the way. Among the overseas programs Nazareth offers:

    Chris Redmond

    Bassoon, Biochemistry, and Law School

    Chris Redmond ‘17 has combined minors in legal studies and religious studies with his biochemistry major and bassoon playing to pursue multiple things he loves and to prepare for law school. Read more »

    brian rosiek warehouse

    Travel Agent ... for Freight

    Brian Rosiek '16 now works in global logistics. This means becoming intimately familiar with customs compliance, international trade, endless regulations, and foreign policy — subjects he had studied extensively through his Nazareth coursework.

    Julia Madore interned at Fenimore Art Museum

    Julia Madore '17

    "Be ready for new experiences, and be ready to be out of your comfort zone," says Madore, who had a great internship at Fenimore Art Museum. Next for her: her top choice grad school, St. Andrews University in Scotland, for a master's degree in museum and gallery studies. Watch a video about her experience.

    From the classroom to the courtroom

    Nazareth's legal studies alums enjoy success across a spectrum of careers, including defense attorney, county court judge, and law associate.

    Jesse Cruz, community youth development major

    Jesse Cruz, community youth development

    Marie Watkins, Ph.D., his professor and program director, has been a role model and mentor who's helped Jesse Cruz '16 build his character. "It's not about the grade," he says. "It's about the kind of person you're becoming. That's going to carry you way further in life." He believes the world needs more teachers like her. Read how Cruz has pursued a life of service. >>

    Illustration of futuristic cars

    #LifesWorkNaz: Susan Shaheen '88

    How do you get around? Susan Shaheen, Ph.D., has become an expert on transportation mobility — toward the goal of improving society and the environment. Read Drive Time.

    Muhammad Shafiq, Ph.D., Hickey Center, Rochester, Nazareth College

    Why I Teach by Muhammad Shafiq, Ph.D.

    "College is a formative period of a student’s life, and a strong teacher-student relationship is essential. Teachers not only enlighten students with course materials; they also serve as spiritual guides." — Muhammad Shafiq, Ph.D., professor of religious studies and executive director of the Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue

    Kristen Vitale '15, history major, Nazareth College

    Spotlight: Kristen Vitale '15, history

    During her internship, Kristen Vitale transcribed, translated, and researched manuscripts from the Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Collection at the University of Rochester's River Campus Libraries, Department of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation. Kristen went on for a master's degree in history at Providence College.

    Timothy Kneeland, Nazareth College, Rochester, NY

    Timothy Kneeland, Ph.D., history and political science professor

    Professor Timothy Kneeland has expertise on presidents, politics, and disasters. Read more »

    Paul Figueroa-Lippert

    Spotlight: Paul Figueroa-Lippert '16

    Double majoring in English and Spanish has prepared Paul Figueroa-Lippert '16 for his goals to teach in a bilingual school or become a professor of comparative literature. His multiple volunteer roles, campus jobs, and conference experiences have taken his leadership skills to a high level. Read about his experience »

    Meleana Spera, Nazareth College, Rochester NY, Psychology

    Student Research

    Nazareth's Creative Activity and Research Showcase features student research, performances, and projects. Meleana Spera '15, psychology and philosophy double major, presented about autonomy, transcendence, and well-being, related to personal identity.

    Hannah Wright, Psychology, Nazareth College

    Spotlight: Hannah Wright '15, psychology

    "I am deeply grateful for my liberal arts education from Nazareth College. Liberal arts students are confident in what they know, humble enough to continue to learn, and driven enough to make a difference in their community and their field." Hannah Wright '15AmeriCorps Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA) worker, on the importance of a balanced education. 

    Double Major

    You can double major in education to expand your expertise and career options. Biology, chemistry, economics, French, international studies, Italian, math, Spanish, and theatre arts can be combined with an inclusive early childhood/childhood major, as can the following humanities majors:

    Adolescence education certification can be earned with biology, chemistry, Chinese, French, Italian, math, Spanish, and theatre arts majors, as well as these humanities majors:



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