Sciences and Math

Solve giant problems. Discover new marvels.

At Nazareth, Peckham Hall gives new meaning to the words "lab work." This state-of-the-art facility has 20 labs filled with next-generation equipment.

Peckham Hall

    Math and science students learn in state-of-the-art labs, classrooms, and collaborative spaces.

    Research Projects

    Research is a critical part of the undergraduate experience. Unlike at larger universities, Nazareth students can begin faculty-partnered research as early as your first year. Examples of research by department:

    Goodwel Nzou, Nazareth College

    The Right Chemistry

    From Zimbabwe's most prestigious high school, to touring in Europe and North America, to Naz. Learn more about Goodwell Nzou '15, who recently started graduate school at Wake Forest University in the molecular and cellular biosciences program.

    Study Abroad, Nazareth College

    Study Abroad

    From France to Japan to Australia to Peru and beyond, Nazareth offers both short- and long-term study abroad programs.

    Clubs and Organizations

    • Math Club
    • Pre-Health Professionals Club
    • Science Club

    View the full list of Student Activities clubs and organizations >>

    Thomas Caprio, Nazareth College, Rochester, NY

    The Art of Medicine

    Dr. Thomas Caprio '96,medical director–visiting nurse service and associate professor of medicine/geriatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center shares his approach to person-centered care. 

    Real-World Experience

    "We are taking basic and advanced skills we learn in the classroom and applying them to a huge, real-world problem. Every time I hear about HIV on the news now, I get to think to myself, 'I am taking one huge step to one day stop the spread of this horrible disease.' ” — Moudi Hubeishy '14 on his research collaboration with professor Stephen Tajc, Ph.D. Hubeishy went on to medical school at the University at Buffalo.

    CARS, Nazareth College

    Research at Nazareth

    Students from an array of majors come together to present research and projects during the annual Creative Activity and Research Showcase.

    Interested in Teaching?

    Students in math, biology, and chemistry programs can double major in an education program to become initially certified as a teacher.

    Anne Pysnik, Nazareth College

    CDC Internship

    A prestigious internship with the Center for Disease Control helped Anne Pysnik '15 figure out her interests and future career goals. Read more >>

    Why I Teach by Professor Heather Lewis

    Heather Lewis, Ph.D. shares her interest in different applications of math and encourages her students to do the same in Why I Teach



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