Marketing and Communications

Copywriting and Editing

If you need printed materials and are not sure what the content should be, please contact a marketing team member to discuss. Otherwise, these are the typical steps:

  1. When we work with faculty and staff on printed materials, the faculty/staff member is the content expert and is responsible for writing the original text copy.  
  2. Once your original copy is written, email it to us in a Word or share as a Google document for editing.
  3. After the copy is edited, we work with a graphic designer on layout and then send you a comp for review. 
  4. We can handle getting the bids from printers and overseeing the printing and delivery of your material. We also can answer your questions regarding printing quantities, mailing lists, and mailing permit numbers.

In general, Nazareth College publications follow the guidelines in The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook. AP style is supplemented by the College’s own house style book, the Nazareth College Style Guide. Following these style rules helps ensure consistency between all campus communications and helps produce polished, professional writing that reflects well on the College. Follow these guidelines when writing and editing copy for any and all communications from the College, including print publications and web content.