Photography & Videography

For portraits or headshots such as for the Nazareth Directory and website:

  • Have a photo taken: Available by appointment at the photo studio, in the basement of Lorette Wilmot Library (Room 133). Email or call 585-389-2149 to schedule.
  • Or provide a photo of yourself for the Naz Directory and Submit it via the digital/web request form, which goes to Marketing and Communications.
  • Give permission: Each faculty/staff person must give permission individually for your photo to appear in the Nazareth directory and (if used) on our web pages. We encourage you to do so! Photos help us get to know each other and fit with our friendly campus culture. Here's how:
    1. Go to the Nazareth Directory's Privacy Settings.
    2. Sign in to the directory (using your regular Naz login and password).
    3. Choose "Display my photo to anonymous users."
    4. Click submit.

Video or photo requests that have direct marketing or communication publication uses

Photo requests will be considered (with adequate advance notice) for images that support a Nazareth marketing or communications goal and will be used on the website, social media channels, Connections, or recruiting and fundraising materials. Complete the Photo/Video Request Form »

Video requests must support a Nazareth marketing or communications goal: Marketing & Communications Request Form » 

Accessing the Image Library

All photography is digital and available to faculty and staff through the Nazareth Image Archive. Use your Naz login (flast0).

If you seek prints, you can request prints of images from digital files (such as on 24-pound matte paper or on textbook glossy paper) through Naz Media Resources, or an outside lab.

Can I use images I find elsewhere?

Photography & Videography for Instructional Support

The Media Resources department provides support for audio and video event recordings such as campus events, theater productions, faculty recitals, and special lectures. 

Visit the Media Resource webpage for details about how to engage their support. 

Getting photo prints at media resources

Photographic prints and posters of images from digital files (such as on 24-pound matte paper or on textbook glossy paper) can be ordered through Media Resources or an outside lab at your department's expense.

Model Release Forms

A model release is required for photos that include children under 18.

For adults, there is no expectation of privacy in public or common spaces on campus, indoors and outdoors, and candid photography and videography taken in these spaces do not require consent. Photo permission details »