Marketing and Communications

Print Communications

The publications team works with faculty and staff across campus to create marketing pieces such as brochures, newsletters, invitations, postcards, posters, and more. We can assist you in defining your audience, message, and distribution and help you create an appropriate printed piece that is both on time and on budget.

From the drafting of copy to the delivery of the final printed piece, creation and production can take eight weeks or even more. Through the project collaboration platform Active Collab, your MarComm team project manager will chart out and share with you a production schedule that marks each step of the process and its corresponding deadline. 

Subsequent communication between you and your project manager as well as the sharing of approval proofs will happen within Active Collab, too. 

To ensure your project progresses efficiently and on schedule: 

  • Before you provide a draft (outline or text) to MarComm, make sure that those in your department who need to weigh in and approve it have done so.
  • If not you (the project requestor), then assign one person from your department or team to serve as the lead contact for the project. 
  • When the MarComm project manager shares the production schedule with you, note and proactively communicate any schedule conflicts or challenges so the schedule can be modified if needed. 
  • Determine your objective, how will this printed piece help reach it, and how you will measure its success.
  • Gather your facts, fine-tune your message.
  • When you receive an approval proof from the MarComm team, review it carefully to ensure facts are accurate and any updates to facts are made. Also, make sure any stakeholders in your department have reviewed and approve it. Note all edits on one master revision proof and return it to MarComm by the established deadline.
  • Respond in a timely fashion to any questions or action items shared with you within Active Collab. 

How to provide edits to approval proofs:

A PDF proof will be shared with you via Active Collab. To provide any feedback and edits from you and your department, you can: 

  • Use Adobe Acrobat to add comments to the PDF proof. Name and save the marked up PDF file and upload it to ActiveCollab. 
  • Print off your proof and mark it up in pen. Then, if your department printer has a scanner function, scan and upload the proof to Active Collab as a pdf file. If you don't have easy access to a printer/scanner, then return the paper proof in person or via interdepartmental mail. 
  • If your edits are lengthy or need explanation, schedule a time to review them with your project manager. (The MarComm team uses google calendar so it's easy to check for mutual availability.)
  • Major or lengthy edits at the proof stage can delay your project. That's why its always best to think through and get departmental approval on your content and objectives before work with MarComm begins.