Parents & Families of Admitted Students

Congratulations on your student’s acceptance to Nazareth!

What’s next

  • Your student can best stay on top of admitted-student required tasks in their online Admission Dashboard, as explained on the NazBound Students webpage.
  • Watch for invitations and sign up to attend special events for admitted students and families.
  • Encourage your student to connect with other incoming students and get any questions answered in the private group online. (Details on the NazBound Students webpage.)
  • Once the enrollment deposit is made, your student gets a Naz email account and password and should watch that inbox for important information.
  • What to pack — and what not to bring? What to Bring ≫

Mail & packages

You can ship packages to Nazareth even before your student’s arrival on campus.

Address any mail and packages to your student like so:

Full first and last name (legal name, please)
Central Mail Services
Nazareth University
4245 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618

The Central Mail office emails students when they have mail or a package, to pick up at our Shults Center mailroom desk.

Get good news about your student

Nazareth regularly publishes achievements about students with the help of Merit. From dean's list to graduation, when your child is recognized, Merit will email you a link to the achievement.

Sign up.

Orientation Schedules

Schedules are updated during the summer for these late-August events.

Naz Weekend

Parents of current students ≫