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Prof. Ed Wiltse and English and education major Yaliza Frank

Yaliza Frank (English and education) uses SPARK grant for summer research

Research Project: Yaliza researched prison-related books for children and young adults. She catalogued each book's theme, topic, and the information provided and created a chart that can guide teachers and librarians to put the right books into the hands of the kids who need them.

Having an incarcerated family member "can be a rollercoaster of emotions," she says. "Some of these books do a good job telling kids how to address their feelings." Other books give really specific and practical details, such as for a prison visit: "One of my favorites explained how to be checked in and what to wear."

Her research mentor, Professor Ed Wiltse (pictured), says: The books “help kids deal with the trauma that is the experience of incarceration.”