Center for Spirituality

CFS Interfaith Leadership Cohort

The Center for Spirituality Interfaith Leadership Cohort (ILC) is a group of undergraduate students who meet bi-weekly for food, interfaith dialogue, and interfaith leadership skills training. It is made up of student representatives from each of the Center for Spirituality’s religious and spiritual groups along with the ILC officers. Its programs are open to the whole Nazareth community and include Interfaith Appreciation Week, Interfaith Cafes for interfaith dialogue, Coming Out Spiritually, and guest speakers that connect spirituality with important current events and issues.

The Center for Spirituality Interfaith Leadership Cohort is a recognized club of the Nazareth Undergraduate Association and offers different programs and communities for students from all faiths and perspectives.

Upcoming ILC Events for 2022

Check back in the fall for more events!

CFS Interfaith Council Officers

Marina Volpini, Co-President:

Matthew Reimann, Co-President:

Robin Shultz, Secretary:

Sarah Seymour, Graduate Assistant for Interfaith Initiatives,

Laura Matthews, Club Advisor:

Interfaith Leadership Cohort E-Bulletin

September 27, 2021

October 13, 2021

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