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Pastoral care is available to students, staff, faculty, and alumni to talk about your life's direction/purpose and to get help coping or managing questions or struggles around religion, spiritual journey, relationships, sexual orientation or gender identity. Also we can connect you to meditation opportunities and religious services on campus.

One-On-One Chaplain Check-Ins

The chaplain is available to all for conversation around many varying issues including anxiety, transitions, identity, one’s religious or spiritual life, and more. Sign up to speak with Jamie Fazio.

Mission and Goals

Guiding Principles
  • Reflection: The Center for Spirituality encourages reflection on personal beliefs; it assists students to discover and develop their spiritual identity within an enthusiastic and supportive community.
  • Meditation and Worship: CFS staff and student leaders collaborate with the Nazareth community to provide ministry and educational opportunities for individuals from various faiths, traditions, and beliefs.
  • Dialogue: Interfaith programs such as the religious diversity dinner, and ecumenical/interfaith programs build relationships and encourage communication and solidarity among community members.
  • Social Justice: Responding to the needs of our local, regional, national, and global communities, CFS empowers students to integrate their quest for personal development with the broader community through advocacy and service.
  • Presence: CFS staff provides a welcoming and hospitable presence. They are available for pastoral and crisis counseling. CFS maintains the Paul and Judy Linehan Chapel, a community room, the universal prayer space, and a meditation room for personal and group prayer and reflection.
  • Community: To strengthen the sense of family within our campus community, CFS sponsors campus-wide celebrations, memorials, and gatherings in response to current events and holidays, including Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving, World Aids Day, Interfaith memorial service, and the baccalaureate service
The Center for Spirituality serves the Nazareth community by:
  • Encouraging reflection on personal beliefs, values, purpose, and spiritual identity.
  • Offering meditation/worship services and educational opportunities from a variety of religious traditions.
  • Facilitating dialogue among people from diverse faiths and perspectives.
  • Empowering work for social justice and encouraging generous service in our local, regional, national, and global communities.
  • Providing a welcoming and hospitable presence by being available for pastoral counseling and maintaining spaces for personal reflection and communal gatherings.
  • Fostering a sense of community by organizing campus-wide celebrations, memorials, and gatherings in response to current events.