Sulam Center

A Space for Jewish and Muslim Community, Prayer, and Hope

Peace! Salam! Shalom! The Sulam Center is prayer space jointly shared by Nazareth's Hillel and Muslim Student Association.

About the name: Its name comes from the Semitic word, Sulam, which many scholars translate as ladder. Sulam is the word used to describe Jacob's ladder in the Book of Genesis (28:10-17). In the story, Jacob’s ladder connects heaven and earth and is seen as a symbol of unity. It is in this spirit of partnership, hope, and hospitality that this Jewish-Muslim Prayer Space is founded.

Where: The Sulam Center is located on the garden level of Elizabeth George Hall, across from Colies's. It can be accessed with any Nazareth ID between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

All are welcome: The Sulam Center serves as an appropriate and aesthetically pleasing space for our Jewish and Muslim students and their families to pray, to celebrate the richness of their respective faith traditions, and to offer programs for the entire campus community. This space represents the larger vision that Nazareth University embraces and seeks to share — a living example for our entire campus community and the broader Rochester communities about the promise and hope that interfaith cooperation brings. All are welcome to find inspiration and hope in this space.