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Interfaith Harmony Events Passport

Starting spring 2022, the Interfaith Harmony Events Passport is a fun way for you to track what interfaith events you attend - and get rewarded for it! If you earn the most stamps, you can earn a Pittsford Dairy gift card! Eligible events are listed below.

Interfaith Harmony Events

February 1: When Racism Quashes Religious Freedom
February 2: Tributes to Thich Nhat Hahn
February 3: Antisemitism and Islamophobia
February 4: Jumu'ah (Muslim Friday) Worship Service
February 4: Shabbat Services with Dinner
February 6: Catholic Mass
February 15: Lunch with Glory House Pastors
February 16: Sulam Center Open House
February 18: Showing Up is the First Step
March 1: Mary's Place Volunteering
March 2: Ash Wednesday Mass
March 6: Pope Francis, Thomas Merton, and the Spirituality of Anti-Racism
March 31: Lent Stations of the Cross
April 4: Coming Out Spiritually Interfaith Service
April 19: Campus Seder

Think something is missing? Check out The Hickey Center or Konar Center for more events!

Passport Stamp

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