Center for Spirituality

Meditation Spaces

The Center for Spirituality maintains three spaces for individual and small group prayer and reflection:

  • Meditation Room - located across from Linehan Chapel on the first floor of the Golisano Academic Center
  • Nazareth College Meditation Garden - located behind Linehan Chapel of the Golisano Academic Center

These spaces are designed to be places of welcome where people of all faiths and philosophies can find peace and quiet in the midst of busy days.

The Meditation Room are equipped with meditation chairs, pillows, and prayer rugs, as well as religious resources (candles, meditation bowls, prayer books, etc.) for individuals to express their faith or enter into quiet contemplation.

The Nazareth College Meditation Garden serves as a living tribute to the generosity and service of the sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester, who founded Nazareth in 1924. The focal point of the Meditation Garden and is a seven–circuit labyrinth inspired by the 13th-century Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in France. Labyrinths, long used as tools for meditation and prayer, are ancient symbols that convey wholeness.

Meditation Spaces

    Meditation Room
    Meditation Garden