Annual Report 2014-15

Dear Friends of Nazareth

This was a record-setting year for Nazareth College. Enrollment reached peak levels, with the largest freshman class in its history—522 students, up from 476 in 2014. At a school that has long had a policy of honoring diversity, it is significant to note as well that one out of five students in our freshman class come from a diverse background. We are growing in all the right ways.

Such growth is possible only with the support of our community of students, parents, faculty, administrators, alumni, and friends of the College. Many of you have been notably generous in giving back to an institution that helped form you, your parents, or your children. Others have assisted in recognition of the contributions that Nazareth makes to the Greater Rochester area in education, health care, business, and the arts. This loyalty and generosity has allowed us to grow our endowment, which, in turn, enables us to foster academic excellence, put into place signature programs for career and professional preparation and global engagement, fund student scholarships, support faculty development, and much more. Those who contribute to our Annual Fund do so with the understanding that they are helping to keep the institution going day-to-day, year-to-year with their unrestricted gifts.

We invite you to read on, to learn about the efforts of others, and to be inspired to join the giving community that honors Nazareth’s distinguished history, celebrates its vibrant present, and ensures its sound future.

With best wishes,

Daan Braveman, President
James Costanza, Chairman, Nazareth College Board of Trustees

James Costanza and Daan Braveman