Short-Term Programs

For details, see Events in the Nazareth College App.

Naz In Action - Orientation (August)

Groups of 18-20 new students (first year, transfer, and international students)  collaborate on projects with one of more than three dozen community partners,  along with orientation leaders, faculty, and staff. Trained orientation leaders prepare the groups to participate in activities at the sites with a representative from the community. Upon returning to Naz, the orientation leaders facilitate a reflection of the day's events.


  • Introduce new students to the core value of service at Nazareth College and explore the relevance of service to the College's mission.
  • Introduce new students to the community of which they are now a member.
  • Help students identify assets and strengths as well as challenges present in the community.
  • Meet some of the community challenges.
  • Introduce new students to the concept of community engagement.
  • Give students an opportunity to get to know each other.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day(s) of Service (January)

Engage with our community in service following the vision of Dr. King!

For this national event to "make it a day on, not off," we participate in community service projects on two days around MLK Day.

Each January, these events are detailed under Events in the Nazareth College App.

Senior Day of Service

Just before graduation, our seniors take time to serve. The senior class officers collaborate with the Weider Community Engagement Office and Naz's community partners on projects such as literacy, college access, and environmental sustainability. 


Let's go for a walk, a run, and a bike ride to support charity! Nazareth students, faculty and staff come out for fundraisers. Students also have the opportunity to build and apply leadership skills by planning and hosting events. 

For details, see Events in the Nazareth College App or contact Adam Lewandowski, or 585-389-2307.

Remember and Serve

    Resources for Other One-Time Opportunities

    Experiential Learning

    Some short-term opportunities are an approved pathway for Experiential Learning, which is one component of the Core Curriculum at Naz.