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Name Tag Templates

Office Nameplates
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PowerPoint Templates

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(16:9 ratio — for a modern projector, laptop, TV monitor)
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Letterhead Templates

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Printable PDFWord Doc

What about customized letterhead?

Nazareth University letterhead is appropriate to use "as is," by Nazareth departments, colleges, schools, and people, because all of us, and these entities, are part of Nazareth University.

You can include your department name and other needed details in your message, if you need to make that clear.

(The logo is not intended to be editable.)

Business Cards & Stationery

Please consider using digital business cards in place of traditional business cards, to save money and trees.

There are many online providers of digital business cards. We recommend Popl or Blinq. Both are free to use, easy to customize, and offer options for upgrades if you choose.

Go to the site from your phone or desktop once, download a QR code, and share it anytime.

Ordering cards and stationery

If you need paper business cards, appointment cards, or stationery: print portal

Optional: A printable pdf of the business card instruction steps includes photos of the card showing the name and how-to-contact information on the front and Nazareth University on the back.

Another sample: front and back of a business card

Cost: Costs are posted on the print portal. That price plus shipping will be charged to your department.


  1. Go to the Nazareth Business Card order page and have your department credit card handy.
  2. The first time you use the site, create an account.
  3. Enter your name as directed.
  4. On the left side of the screen, select "Business Cards/Appointment cards" or "Stationery" depending on your needs. The stationery page will give you a preview of all your options including letterhead, envelopes, and more. To continue your business card order...
  5. Under the words "Custom Business Card" at the center of your screen, select the purple button that says "Add."
  6. Fill out all of the information on the form. You will be prompted by the system if any required information is missing. The system will autogenerate what your card will look like as you enter your information.
  7. Click the purple button "Checkout" when the form is completed.
  8. You will then see an instant proof of your card to ensure that everything looks correct.
    • If you need to make any changes, click the purple button "Cancel" and it will take you back to the entry form to make any changes you need.
    • You are responsible for the proofing of your cards based on the information you enter. You will need to check the box to accept the layout and costs for the order before you can proceed.
  9. If everything looks good, click on the purple button that says "Accept Proof."
  10. Then enter the requestor and shipping information.
  11. Click on the purple button "Billing Info" where you will then be required to enter your Department Billing Number.
  12. Review your order carefully. Click "send order" and you should get an emailed confirmation.
  13. Your cards should arrive within a week's time.

Name Badges

Contact Marilyn Hickey,, to place an order.

Print your pieces at Media Resources

Media Resources provides a wide array of printing services and may be able to print your piece. Visit the Media Resources webpage and contact them to learn more »

Naz Promotional Items

Sometimes known as promo gifts, giveaways, or “swag,” promotional products are customized merchandise intended to publicize the university or a specific department, service, event, or initiative.

Nazareth Guidelines

  1. No stock of promotional items exists on campus. They must be custom-ordered. Please allow time.
  2. See the vendors listed below, to pursue on your own.
  3. All use of the Nazareth logo must follow the logo use instructions. Items selected should have an imprint area/s large enough to maintain full legibility and meet university brand standards.
  4. If you seek help creating a design that appropriately incorporates Naz branding, or marketing guidance about tactics to best support your goals, reach out to Marketing and Communications. Allow at least three weeks of lead time to make sure items can be secured, created, and produced/shipped in time for your event or booth needs. As always, use our project request form. Questions? Contact T.C. Pellett, director of marketing,
  5. Please do not distribute left-over Nazareth College items; only use Nazareth University.

Best Practices

Plan a strategy and budget. If used, promotional items should be one tactic in a larger, thoughtfully planned campaign to promote your objective. Don’t purchase something just because it is the end of the year and money is left in the budget.

Keep the message clear and concise. Limit the information on your item to a logo and a short call to action such as a URL or phone number to effectively communicate with the audience. 

Choose a quality item. Don’t just buy the lowest-priced version of an item. Be wary of imitations that are cheaply made, which reflect poorly on the university and your program or initiative. 

Think about sustainability. When selecting an item, consider the impact it will have on the environment if the recipient doesn’t find it useful and discards it.

Select an item based on the recipient. Choosing a product that is likely to succeed and leave a positive impression means it should be useful and relevant to the recipient.


These vendors are familiar with our University brand standards and can suggest and supply a variety of items to fit your budget and timeline: