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Logo & Marks

The Nazareth graphic identity consists of its logotype and shield symbol.

The logos have been specifically drawn and exist in digital format for consistent reproduction. The logos should never be redrawn. A complete list of incorrect usages »


Logo use instructions:

  • Use the logo consistently and properly to raise the visibility and recognition of Nazareth.
  • Follow these guidelines to provide maximum legibility of Nazareth's logo. 
  • Use only the formats provided, and use the ticket form to get the actual, appropriate logo from MarComm for each use.
  • Do not reset or reproportion the logo, or use it so that the integrity is compromised, the form distorted, or the legibility impeded.

Note: The logos displayed here are not to be copied from this page for use on any materials. To get the appropriate version for your needs, submit a ticket.

Minimum Size

The smallest size the logotype should appear at is 0.125 inches (print) or 16 pixels (web) high.

Safety Zone

Nazareth logotype safety zone
Sufficient space (safety zone) around the logo is required so that it stands apart from surrounding visual elements. The safety zone is the height of the "N" in "Nazareth.". Do not place items within this area.


4-color printing (CMYK): 75 | 100 | 10 | 00

1-color printing (Pantone or black): PMS 2090 or black

Web/screen: #663388

Dark background: white


Affinity Marks

As our audiences build an awareness and understanding of Nazareth, it is critical that we present our brand identity logo consistently, clearly, and in its purest form. Doing so promotes positioning and brand equity building. For this reason, we do not create sub-brand logos for specific departments or programs.

Instead, we provide Nazareth branded marks for affinity groups based on topics.

Request a mark »

Note: The logos displayed here are not to be copied from this page for any use. Use ticket form below.