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Nazareth University President Dr. Beth Paul talks with faculty, staff, students, and community members on topics centered around Nazareth’s mission.

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Season 3

September 27

Mental Health Across Campus

Nazareth has long made mental health a priority, and a new federal grant is helping the University expand its commitment to student's mental health and wellness. Today's podcast focuses on the new initiatives.


Kim Harvey
John Rigney

May 9

Dance with Impact

Nazareth is a community of changemakers, and senior Kyra Green '23 is a shining example of someone inspiring others every day. The dance studies and theater major joined President Paul along with Heather Roffe, director of Nazareth's undergraduate dance program, to discuss the many ways the dance program is a shining example of the Nazareth changemaker education framework.


Kyra Green
Heather Roffe

April 21, 2023

Removing fear of the unknown from AI

As ChatGPT makes headlines, how do the latest artificial intelligence breakthroughs affect our lives? Prez Paul talks to Silicon Valley strategist Travis Steffen and Nazareth's Institute for Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Society Director Jeff Allan. They address fear of the unknown when it comes to AI.

ALSO: Watch video of Travis Steffen's public talk on campus April 26: AI in Marketing: Growing Your Business Into the Future


Jeffrey Allan
Travis Steffen

Season 2

July 5, 2022

Changemaker Series: Access to Education Includes Inmates

Nazareth Professor Ed Wiltse taught a unique class this past spring semester, Hitting the Road: Journeys in American literature. Half of the students were based on campus at Nazareth and half were based at Groveland, a men's prison south of Rochester. Wiltse's work is part of a growing national movement that advocates for access to higher education for all, as a pathway for equity and social justice.


April 29, 2022

Mental health

Evidence shows that peer-to-peer discussion can significantly help young people manage their mental health challenges. Mental health is important for our entire campus community and beyond. May is Mental Health Awareness month, but this issue is a year-round priority for our community.


March 31, 2022

Women in Sports and Title IX

Two new episodes in the Prez Paul Podcast Changemaker series celebrate Women's History Month and the 50th anniversary of Title IX — a groundbreaking law that helped create gender equity in sports. The guests include Naz coaches, athletes, and more, including from field hockey, rowing, basketball, swimming, and lacrosse.


December 15, 2021

Changemaker COVID Research

Nazareth professors Dr. Michael Chen and Dr. Lauren Brooks, along with their graduate assistant and recent Naz alumna Tatianna Trojnor-Hill, had the prestigious honor of working with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to analyze racial and ethnic disparities in COVID-19 testing in a national sample of more than 2 million patients across the U.S.

In addition to identifying significant disparities, they also found that geography and state-level political affiliations can predict individuals' risk of testing positive for COVID-19.


November 15, 2021

Changemaking through Music

It's our second season, and we are starting a new series on the podcast — It's the Prez Paul Podcast Changemaker series!

Nazareth Choirs director Brian Stevens and students Jonathan Benn and Elena Parkins talk about the choirs' changemaking mantra "we sing to change lives." The choirs actively collaborate with living and under-represented composers to bring their music to the world.


Season 1

July 14, 2021

The Parent Perspective

Four Nazareth parents speak about their children's perseverance during the pandemic. They discuss positive changes they've noticed in their students from their time in college, why their student chose to become a Golden Flyer, and what they are most proud of about their child.


April 19, 2021

The Power of Music During the Pandemic and Beyond

Music in all its forms has gotten many of us through the pandemic with its power to stir so many emotions and transport us to places near and far. Music is alive on the Nazareth campus. Hear about the School of Music's innovations that enabled our students and faculty to continue performing music.


April 6, 2021

Return of Athletics Competition

The Golden Flyers athletics teams are back competing this spring! After the pandemic hit our world in March 2020, sports, along with everything else, came to a halt.

We are happy to welcome all the athletes and coaches back to competition this semester, and it is inspiring to see that Athletics is managing to combine three seasons into one: all fall, winter, and spring sports. I talked with some Nazareth student-athletes and coaches about their triumphant return, and about some exciting initiatives taking place with all our Golden Flyer teams.


March 19, 2021

Nazareth's Civil Rights Journey

We shine the light on Nazareth's Civil Rights Journey, an extraordinary immersive learning experience that we have been offering for several years. Meet guide Reggie Harris, who partners with Nazareth to lead this life-changing trip. Hear from Nazareth students who have attended the journey and their transformative take-aways. Harris also talks about his week-long fellowship at Nazareth that starts Sunday, March 21.


March 10, 2021

Why AI? Tech needs ethics now more than ever; Nazareth is answering that call

In this episode: Big news from Nazareth. We've formed the Institute for Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Society (ITAS), a pioneering initiative in higher education to train future professionals to guide and develop technology toward equitable and just ends.


February 19, 2021

Part II: HHS students and faculty innovate for the Rochester community during pandemic

This time students and faculty from our social work, nursing, and public health programs join me to discuss the many ways they are continuing to support wellness for people in the Rochester community — despite the pandemic.


February 8, 2021

Part 1: HHS students and faculty innovate for the Rochester community during pandemic

In this episode, we engage in a fascinating conversation about the innovative ways our students and faculty overcame challenges during the pandemic and are still helping clients maintain their health when they couldn't visit Nazareth's on-campus clinics. Guests: Lisa Hiley, assistant professor in communication sciences and disorders; Mary Therese Novak, director of clinical education in physical therapy; Michaela Cardone, occupational therapy graduate student; Heather Coles, clinical assistant professor in communication sciences and disorders; and Sophie DiCarlo, graduate student in communication sciences and disorders.

January 19, 2021

What Would Our Founders Do?

In this episode, I am joined by Tim Kneeland, Ph.D., professor of history and political science and Susan Nowak, Ph.D., SSJ, professor and Shannon chair of religious studies. They help us look forward to the upcoming Nazareth centennial celebration in 2024, and look back to the lessons our founders can teach us today.

January 8, 2021

Reflections on Citizenship and Events of Jan. 6, 2021

In this special episode of the "Prez Paul Podcast," I share the audio from a virtual forum for the Nazareth community held Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021. It was a way to connect with faculty, staff, and students, to reflect on the events that unfolded at the Capitol on Jan. 6. I am joined by Tim Kneeland, Ph.D., Nazareth professor of history and political science; Devparna Roy, Ph.D, Nazareth assistant professor of sociology; and Ana Gomez Parga, Ph.D., assistant professor in English and communication. The Nazareth community engaged via Zoom with thought-provoking comments and questions for the panelists.

January 7, 2021

Lessons Learned During the Pandemic and a Look Ahead

On today's podcast, I have asked three Nazareth students to join me to think together about the meaning and significance of 2020 - what a year! What sense can we make out of our collective experience in this extraordinary year, and what insights, lessons learned, and ideas will we take forward into 2021? Join my guests, Jake Kwiatkowski, a graduate student in the School of Business and Leadership, and a 2012 undergraduate alum; Amelia Johnson, a junior studying communication and media with a minor in legal studies, and Tegan Wright, a junior studying sociology with a minor in business management.

December 14, 2020

The Learning Journey: Helping Each of us Find our Part in our Movement for Racial Equity

I invite you to listen to the conversation with my guests Lisa Durant-Jones, Nazareth’s vice president for Community and Belonging; John Mordaci, assistant vice president for Undergraduate Admissions; Nazareth student Isa Reese, a senior legal studies major, and Nazareth student Sarah Schuler, who is studying for her master’s degree in speech-language pathology.

November 23, 2020

Gratitude and Well-being

In this inaugural episode, Nazareth President Dr. Beth Paul discusses coping skills and gratitude with Brigid Noonan, dean in Health and Human Services, and Kathryn DeVinney, assistant director of counseling services.

President Paul


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