Roles and Responsibilities

For the Advisee

  • Know and complete the requirements for your degree program and Nazareth's Core
  • Understand and follow academic policies and procedures as published in the Undergraduate Catalog
  • Get to know your advisor. Schedule regular appointments with your advisor as needed; you are required to meet with your advisor at least once each semester to plan your academic program and select courses
  • Plan ahead and bring questions and relevant materials with you; be prepared for appointments with your advisor
  • Prepare a tentative course schedule prior to meeting with your advisor for course selection appointments
  • Know how to use technology to access academic information, such as NazNet Self Service and the UG Catalog
  • Be familiar with campus services and resources and use them as needed, especially if recommended by your advisor
  • Reflect upon your interests, abilities and educational, professional and life goals and discuss with your advisor
  • Monitor your academic progress
  • Contact your advisor if you have academic concerns or difficulties
  • Retain important documentation related to your academics
  • Check your Nazareth email regularly

For the Advisor

  • Get to know advisees; contact new advisees early in the semester
  • Post and keep office hours and inform advisees of the best way to be contacted
  • Know and understand Core, academic program and professional requirements, as well as Nazareth policies and procedures; help advisees to understand all of these elements
  • Assist advisees in reflecting upon their interests and abilities and clarifying educational, professional and life goals through active listening
  • Monitor advisees' academic progress and assist them in planning their programs to achieve theirĀ  academic, professional and life goals
  • Inform advisees of appropriate campus resources, support services and educational opportunities
  • Encourage advisees to meet with the advisor before problems arise
  • Learn advising procedures, tools and technology by reviewing advising materials and/or attending advisor training opportunities
  • Understand and follow Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations
  • Maintain digital advising notes and/or advisement file for each advisee

  • Support advisees' applications for educational and employment opportunities when appropriate
  • Sign Nazareth forms as necessary