Faculty Advising Manual

Advising Tools and Technology


Informer is a reporting tool, primarily used by administrators, department chairs and program directors. Reports are available for retrieving different types of information such as advising loads, students by major, course enrollments, course rosters, etc. Note: ITS provides access to this tool and training for it.

NazNet Self-Service

NazNet Self-Service is students’ gateway to their personal records at Nazareth. Through this interface students can register for courses, pay their bill, view their schedule, and retrieve their grades; faculty and staff can review students’ course plans and approve them for registration, access course offerings and class rosters, view information about their position, and print W2s.


FlyerSuccess is an automated early alert system that allows us to better communicate with students, advisors and support offices about student concerns.  Instructors can create a flag or kudo for any student in their courses at any time.  This is done through the “My Students” tab on the “Students” screen. When a flag is raised to indicate that the instructor has a concern about a student, the student is notified directly via email informing them of the concern and what they should do about it. Additional information may be found on the FlyerSuccess website.

UG Catalog: Academic Policies & Procedures

The Nazareth Undergraduate Catalog includes a comprehensive list of all academic policies and procedures with detailed information about them. 

UG Catalog: Academic Programs

The best place to learn about academic requirements for every major, minor, and teacher certification program is through the Nazareth Undergraduate Catalog - Academic Programs A - Z. The catalog includes a description, required coursework, and sample program for every major.