Internships and Fieldwork

Nazareth emphasizes first-hand, out-of-classroom experience to help students develop and demonstrate marketable skills, build connections, and enhance resumes, all of which contribute to career success.

Nazareth is one of the only colleges/universities to require experiential learning for all students, and here it’s part of our core curriculum. The out-of-class experiences can be internships or fieldwork or can take other forms.

Our Professional Internship Program office collaborates with academic departments to connect students to opportunities at more than 150 internship sites. Students also can develop their own internship. Interns learn from each other at monthly seminars and reflect on their experience by contributing to online discussion boards, sharing photos, conducting informational interviews, and examining how their attitudes change.

Many of our academic programs require 120-hour, for-credit internships. Even in majors that don’t, students see the benefits of real-world engagement. Some internships are paid.

A sampling of internships in:

Many Nazareth students study abroad, making overseas internships another option. Examples:

  • Nazareth-in-Berlin and the Rennes Program for English Speakers, open to undergraduates in any academic major, each offer four-week, full-time internships after coursework is completed.
  • Pescara, Italy; Rennes, France; and Valencia, Spain offer semester-long internships that can fit majors/interests such as teaching, ecology, speech and communication disorders, business management, psychology, law, social work, translation, and others.

Some programs require fieldwork as part of students getting licensed or certified in their field:

  • School of Education students do fieldwork and student teaching/practicum.
  • Health and Human Services students — in communication science and disorders, art therapy, music therapy, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and social work — at both the undergraduate and graduate levels get hands-on experience. It’s called fieldwork, practicum, student teaching, field experience, field instruction, or clinical experience and can include work with clients from the community at our on-campus clinics and/or in off-campus settings.

Career Services helps students explore majors, find internships and jobs, and apply to graduate school.

98% of internship supervisors would hire their supervisee if there were an opening

Student Outcomes

Most students at Nazareth build their skills and resume by completing internships, fieldwork, research, or other career experience while an undergraduate. View more student outcomes.

“I can’t tell you how incredibly pleased we’ve been with ALL our Nazareth interns – past and present. They’re just all in all a great group of polite, smart, and responsible kids and we are so fortunate to have them working with us. And believe me, we’ve tried a few other schools, but the interns Nazareth provides always seem to rise above the rest."

Michael Philipson, Greentopia co-founder

internship sites

Internship Sites

Nazareth students completed internships at over 185 organizations last year. Check out where they worked »