From Rochester City School District to Nazareth University

Nazareth offers scholarships and other assistance to support your success in a bachelor’s degree program.

Scholarships and support


RCSD Graduates Award
Naz scholarship of $76,000 over four years (as of 2023)

Bonner Leader

Four-year scholarship (ensures you won't pay more than 50% of Naz tuition) and paid weekly role and training supports you in working with community partners toward creating a more just and equitable world. Details: Bonner Leader »

Young Scholars

For high-achieving, underrepresented high school seniors. Financial support, guided learning and growth experiences. Includes Nazareth’s Summer Start. Details: Young Scholars »


For New York state residents who have been academically and economically disadvantaged. HEOP scholarship covers tuition, housing, and food for each fall and spring semester. Includes Nazareth’s Summer Start. Details: HEOP »

group of students posing in front of Golisano Academic Center

First-Generation College Students

If neither of your parents/guardians earned a bachelor’s degree, Nazareth workshops and individual support can guide you to successfully navigate college. Option: Nazareth’s Summer Start. Details: First-Generation Students »

Visit Campus

High school students and families: Schedule a visit, Daily Tours & Info Session »

High school counselors: Schedule a group tour for high school students that includes an information session and lunch on campus, Schedule a group tour »

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