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Nazareth College's response to the 2013-14 President's Campus Challenge was to create, in partnership with Saint's Place, a program in which Nazareth students have the opportunity to work with local refugees — providing childcare, tutoring, mentorship, and preparation for the United States Citizenship exam.

About Saint's Place

Saint's Place assists refugees from war-torn countries seeking asylum in the United States. They are legal immigrants arriving in Rochester, New York through the Refugee and Immigration Department of the Catholic Family Center. Approximately 700 refugees arrive in Rochester each year from all around the globe. These weary people arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, having escaped from war-torn countries. Some have lived in refugee camps for up to seven years waiting for a country to sponsor them. We cannot even begin to imagine the horrors of life that these people , our brothers and sisters, have had to endure. Since its inception in 1998, Saint's Place has supported the resettlement of hundreds of refugees each year. 

Saint's Place relies on local financial and material resources to ensure that newly arrived refugees are provided adequate initial housing and support services. Donated furniture, household goods, appliances, and clothing are stored until needed, and then used to set up an apartment for each newly arrived family.

In October 2001, Saint's Place opened a Tutoring Center to offer much needed ongoing support to refugee school-age children and their parents.

Nazareth's Participation Profile

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Nuala S. Boyle

Nuala S. Boyle

Director in Center for Civic Engagement
Director of the Center for Civic Engagement in Center for Life's Work
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