Photo Contest Winners

Cultural Experience

1. First Place

Amanda Donovan '15G

In Memoriam, May 2014

"On the banks of the Danube in Budapest is displayed a memorial for some of the victims of the Holocaust in Hungary. The memorial is for those who were killed along the banks of the Danube and provides a surreal contrast between its heart-wrenching history and the beautiful scenery surrounding it."

2. Second Place

Stephanie Horn '15

Graduation, November 2014

"Every year, high school seniors in Hungary participate in a winter ribbon ceremony to celebrate their (almost) graduation and wish each other well for the future. It is customary for students to learn choreographed dances and perform them for their families and teachers at this event. This picture features some of my 13th graders at the Dual-Language School in Balatonalmádi, Hungary, as they perform one of their three dances."

3. Third Place

Kelsey Quigley '16

Umbrellas, September 2014

"As a part of the Krämerbrückenfest in Erfurt, Germany, umbrellas hung over the popular yet quaint merchant’s bridge."

4. Honorable Mention

Claire Willsea '14

Juice Boxes, March 2014

"The Nazareth nursing program had just finished delivering school supplies to an elementary school in Belize. Upon walking back to our cars we discovered one of them wouldn’t turn on, causing us to wait for a mechanic to look at it. The temperature was upwards of 95 degrees and it was in the middle of the day. While we were waiting in the hot sun for the mechanic to come, I noticed this young girl standing in front of what seems to be a shop her parents owned, sipping a juice box. As she was standing and just watching us waiting I can remember how envious of her cold juice box I was."

Human Interest

5. First Place

Claire Willsea '14

Curious School Children, March 2014

"The Nazareth nursing program had the opportunity to bring school supplies to an elementary school in Belize. We delivered two suitcases filled with notebooks, crayons, pencils, and more to the teachers and principals of the school. During this time we walked by a few classrooms while the children were in school. We were an obvious distraction at the school and some of the curious children came to the fenced windows to greet us with smiling faces."

6. Second Place

Amanda Donovan '15G

Reaching, May 2014

"Outside the Hungarian city of Budapest is Statue Park, an open-air museum to which were banished the Soviet statues from the city that were erected during the Soviet reign. The park is a variety of styles, all of which were acted out by our group."

7. Third Place

Lesley Mack '15G

Smile, December 2013

"This was taken in a temple somewhere in Kerala, India, right before we got to meet an elephant. All the locals belonging to this particular temple would gather to feed the elephant, and we were allowed to come in and do so as well. My roommate and I saw this little girl and her mother and Cati was giving her a sticker at the time of this photo."

Foreign Landscape

8. First Place

Faiza Chappell '16

Ephesus, June 2014 

"The photo contains the Library of Celsus in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus in Izmir, Turkey. Ephesus had a significant impact on us that we cannot quite pinpoint, in comparison to other ancient sites we had visited in Istanbul and Cappadocia, Turkey. Being surrounded by the manmade beauty and history is indescribable."

9. Second Place

Claire Willsea '14

Art Weathering Time, March 2014

"We had the opportunity to visit an Ancient Mayan archeologic site in Western Belize during our free time. These ruins were a sacred Mayan ceremonial site. We were able to climb the ruins to the highest point and get a different view of the entire layout, all while taking in a beautiful view with Guatemala in the distance. It was incredible walking amongst these vast structures and knowing their importance to the people who built them. I was personally interested in their attention to detail in their decorating and designing of the structures. They were filled with beautiful geometric figures and patterns, though sadly a large amount of the patterns have worn away and weathered with time."

10. Third Place

Nicole Andolina '15

Yearning for York, July 2014

"When I took this picture I almost lost my tour group entirely. The contrast of the old building and the sky blue bug instantly caught my eye and I had to take the picture. On a damp and rainy summer Sunday, I wandered down the alley and quickly took the shot. For me the picture captured the overall feel of York—warm, inviting, and filled with unknowing history."

11. Honorable Mention

Eleanor Poore '14

The Streets of Stockholm, June 2014

"When we walked through Stockholm, we transported back in time. Much of the architecture dates back through several centuries, especially the section Gamla Stan. Stockholm is made up of a network of small islands and countless different types of people, local and tourist alike."