Appreciated Stock Gifts a Win-Win

As 2014 winds down and thoughts turn to year-end giving, non-profits like Nazareth and countless other organizations are grateful to see an increase in philanthropic gifts of support. Historically, donors have turned to their checkbooks (and, more recently, credit cards) to make their contributions. But for many, there may be a far better way.

For those who invest in the stock market, gifts of appreciated stock that have been held for more than a year offer distinct advantages over cash for both donor and recipient. Donors of stock receive an immediate charitable tax deduction for the full market value of the security without incurring capital gains taxes (either by the donor or the charity) once the stock is sold. A donor sees larger tax deductions and savings, and a charity receives larger contributions than either would if the donor were to sell the stock, pay the taxes, and donate the net proceeds instead.

“Donor-advised funds and non-profit organizations of all kinds nationwide are seeing increases in gifts of appreciated stock this year, and Nazareth is no exception,” says Kelly Gagan, vice president for institutional advancement. “While it’s your spirit of giving that truly counts, donating a gift of appreciated stock may just be the best way to help your bottom line while lending invaluable support to Nazareth and its students.”

Learn how you might benefit from this method of giving by speaking with your financial advisor or contacting Director of Advancement Services Perry Lenz at 585-389-2423.