Nazareth University is excited to announce this brand new partnership with Salzburg College where our students can engage in a full semester of study in beautiful Austria. Salzburg itself is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and safest cities in Europe. Surrounded by picturesque mountains, the city still mirrors in its historical center - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - more than a thousand years of European history and culture.

Salzburg student life is vibrant and offers an exciting blend of opportunities for all, and the city itself is a perfect crossroads to the rest of Europe. With a semester designed to give you 3-day weekends, as well as a week-long break, you are encouraged to enjoy and explore all that the city and neighboring countries have to offer. Be sure to explore the deep history and culture in Austria, with easy train rides to Vienna, Hallstatt, and Innsbruck. Outside of Austria, nine other European countries are within an easy day trip by land, including Germany, the Czech Republic, and Italy. Once you factor in daily flights from Salzburg, the whole of Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa become a possibility for travel.

At Salzburg College classroom work, field study, workplace experience and academic travel complement one another. Students are encouraged to make their personal experiences part of their academic studies, which is why this program is open to all Nazareth University students.

Program Details

  • GPA Requirement: 3.0
  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior UGs - all majors
  • Strong academic performance and ability to work independently
  • Strong desire to experience and expose yourself to new cultures and world ideas
Course Information

To support the overall Austrian experience, two courses are required of all students wanting to study a semester at Salzburg College:

  • The European Experience OR Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding
  • One German language course

Beyond this students may choose to complete 2-3 more courses offered in the following academic fields:

  • European Studies
  • German Language and Culture
  • Communication
  • Business
  • Art & Photography
  • Music

The required number of semester credit hours is 12. Because of the demands of foreign study, a higher load than 15 hours is not recommended. For a course load above 15 credit hours the approval from Salzburg College and the home university is necessary.

In addition, students are welcome to attend other classes in which they are interested on a regular basis without being registered or graded. Most courses are open to all students at all times. For prerequisites, please see individual course descriptions.

The semester schedule is split into two 6 week modules. Courses are compressed and students will take 2 or 3 courses in each module. Courses at Salzburg College take place Monday through Thursday for a maximum of 24 U.S. credit hours.

Living Accommodations

To maximize cultural involvement, students live in the heart of downtown Salzburg. Specific room information will become available closer to the start of the semester. Housing costs will be paid directly to Salzburg College. Small en suite kitchens will be available for students to cook daily meals. Restaurants, shops, and grocery stores are in easy walking distance.

Costs & Financial Aid

The program fee includes:

  • Tuition
  • One week orientation
  • Sightseeing trips organized by Salzburg College

The program fee is payable to Nazareth.

Out-of-pocket costs include:

  • Room paid directly to Salzburg College
  • Round trip airfare (to and from Salzburg)
  • City transportation (student rate)
  • All meals
  • Miscellaneous personal items and personal weekend and semester break travel.

Students will be provided with a cost estimate for out-of-pocket expenses for the semester.

Nazareth students pay the on-campus cost for this Salzburg College program and continue to use their financial aid package and payment plan. Matriculated students are eligible for all financial resources for which they would qualify if they were studying on the Nazareth University campus (including federally subsidized loans). Students are also encouraged to apply for outside scholarships and grants to supplement their support resources.

There is no opportunity for students to receive U.S. Federal work-study funding while studying in Austria.

Travel & Documents

Students will be responsible for arranging and paying for their round trip airfare. Nazareth University will advise all students of the best flight connections for timely arrival at the destination of study. Students will arrive on a normal tourist visa to Austria, which provides easy travel access to all other Schengen Area countries.

All students will need a valid passport that continues to be valid at least six months after the conclusion of the semester program in Austria.

It is necessary to take proof of health insurance coverage, as well as your Nazareth student ID, and a second form of official ID, such as a Driver's License.

Views from Abroad:

    At A Glance

    Term: Fall & Spring

    Program Level: Undergraduate

    Program Type: Academic; internships available

    Major(s): All majors

    Language Requirement: None

    Minimum GPA Requirement: 3.0