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Spend a year or a semester in Valencia, achieve proficiency in the language, and learn from the multicultural experiences Spain offers. The historic atmosphere and cultural richness of Valencia are perfectly suited to provide students a great mixture of modern Spanish urban life and the heritage of old Spain.

Program Highlights:

  • Study abroad for one semester or a full year at the Universidad Católica de Valencia.
  • Open to Nazareth undergraduates and to students from other colleges.
  • Open to all majors. Course offerings serve a variety of study tracks including international studies, teaching, and a liberal arts curriculum.
  • Take classes with international students.
  • Enjoy full immersion in the language.
  • Take advantage of internship opportunities at local and international firms.

Program Details

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Esperanza V. Roncero

Esperanza V. Roncero

Professor of Spanish in Foreign Languages & Literature
Golisano Academic Center 359
Student Blog
March 23rd
Before coming to Spain, I had some idea that Spaniards have a different mind set than Americans, but I had no idea how different. In general, everything is much more laid back. There is never any real sense of urgency, even when it comes to school.  …
March 22nd
Obviously when you study abroad, one of the things people always ask is “how is the food?” So, I thought I would write about a few of my favorite food experiences so far in Valencia!1. Chirimoya: Okay so chirimoya is one of my favorite fruits!…
March 21st
Today I spent the day at los Jardines de Real in Valencia.  These gardens used to house the royal palace, but in 1903 they were donated to the city to become a tree nursery, and since then the gardens have become more and more accessible to the publi…