Frequently Asked Questions

What is an internship?

An internship is a course that combines pre-professional work experience with targeted academic assignments. All internships earn academic credit. For an internship definition, see the Employer section of the website under Defining an Internship.

How many internships can I do?

Typically, you can earn up to 6 internship credits at Nazareth. In general, this translates into two 3-credit internships. There are also a few opportunities for a 6 + credit internships.

How many hours do I work in an internship?
  • Internships that are worth 3 academic credits require at least 10 consecutive weeks AND a minimum of 120 hours during the semester (eight weeks during the summer).
  • Six-credit internships require between 20 and 32 hours of work per week to complete a minimum of 240 hours during the semester.

All internships last one semester (including summer internships).

Who is eligible to do an internship?

Students of all majors and class years are eligible to complete internships. However, if an internship is required for your major, you may need to meet pre-requisites and have junior- or senior-year standing to complete that particular 400-level course.

Also required:

  • Minimum grade point average of 2.5
  • Approval of your faculty advisor

Some majors have unique eligibility requirements, including a higher grade point average. If you are unsure if your major requires an internship, consult your faculty advisor.

Does an internship fit into my major?

YES! Students from virtually every major at Nazareth have completed internships. An internship:

  • Enables you to connect the knowledge and skills you have gained in your coursework with real-world applications.
  • Gives you insights into the dynamics of the field in which you are working.
  • Empowers you to make mature career decisions.

These are valuable lessons for all students to learn. An internship can also provide you with the answer to that age-old question, "What do I do with a major in...?" Finally, if your plans include graduate school, an internship can be helpful. Many graduate schools look for evidence of experience in the field; an internship can provide this experience.

If an internship is a course, do I have to do homework? Get a grade?

Three-credit internship course structure and assignments are based on when the internship takes place (fall, spring, summer) and how many three-credit internships you have completed. You must complete all course assignments to earn a passing grade for the course. 

Your first 3-credit internship will include participation in an asynchronous online course.  You will complete trainings, assignments, and reflections centered around engagement and belonging in the workplace, managing up and relationship-building, seeking and applying feedback, job crafting, taking initiative, organizational culture, and emotional intelligence to truly engage in your internship experience.   

A second internship for credit could consist of a "deeper dive" into select topics covered during the first internship course.  

Six-credit internships have additional writing requirements, which are negotiated between the student and the Program Director.

All internships are graded on a pass/fail basis.

How do I secure an internship?

There are two ways to get an internship.

  • First, you can apply for internships through Nazareth's online database or through your academic department. These are "pre-approved" internships.
  • The second way is to set up your own internship. See Finding an Internship. You will need a current resume and possibly a portfolio to apply for internships. Your Career Coach can help you create a resume.
Where are internships located?

Most Nazareth-connected internships are located in the greater Rochester area. Independent internships can be wherever you find them — your hometown, a major city, or anywhere in the world (as long as it's a safe destination).

See Intern Beyond Rochester.

Where do I begin?
  • Meet with your faculty advisor and your academic department's internship coordinator to discuss how and when an internship fits into your academic program.
  • Make an appointment with your Career Coach to evaluate your resume and to enhance your internship search skills.
  • Browse through the internship listings on Handshake.

Take a look at Finding an Internship to get started.

Where is the Professional Internship program office?

The Professional Internships Program is located within the Center for Life's Work in GAC 104.

  • Dale Leyburn, the Assistant Director of Internships is in GAC 117

You can easily contact the Professional Internship Program by emailing, or calling 585-389-2878.

Devin Kelly in Europe

Nazareth student Devin Kelly interned in England and then was hired there as a youth support worker for both Leeds City Council and for a charity called Getaway Girls.