Graduate Interns

Graduate students in the School of Management may have the option of completing an internship for academic credit.  A graduate-level internship is a paid or unpaid career or degree-related experience that is completed during one semester. It requires the student to work 12-20 hours per week for a minimum of 180 hours.  In addition to time spent at the internship, there is an academic component with reflective and field-specific assignments.  Successful completion of the internship earns the student three hours of academic graduate credit. The graduate internship model is being piloted as an elective offering for matriculated students only.  

Graduate students interested in an internship for academic credit must speak with the director of their graduate program and the Director of Internships BEFORE making arrangements (internships must be approved). 

MS.MGT and MS.HRM Programs

Albert C. Cabral

Albert C. Cabral

Program Director, MGT/HRM/HRD & Associate Professor of Management in Management, School of
Smyth Hall 147G