David Cowles: Illustrations

With work featured in major publications such as Time, Rolling Stone, and The Boston Globe, David Cowles brings his expertise and passion for illustration to your fingertips. Learn what a caricature is and how to create one while learning from one of the best in the business.

Whether you are an admirer of illustration or an artist in your own right, the beauty of art is that every creator has their own method of creating their work. You are invited to be a student, and learn the thought process behind how Cowles approaches caricatures — and maybe follow along with an illustration of your own!

In this talk, Cowles discusses:

  • How to conceptualize a caricature before starting
  • How he translates his sketches into digital art in Illustrator
  • Tips and tricks on how to build your digital illustration library and thoughts on how to create textures and marks that are your own

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