Timothy Thibodeau: The Remarkable Lives of King Henry the V and Joan of Arc

Leading papal expert Timothy Thibodeau, Ph.D., discusses the subjects of a research project close to his heart, examining the parallels between Joan of Arc and King Henry V. Learn why Joan of Arc is the subject of fascination and a symbol of leadership and feminism. Hear about her similarities to Henry V, and how they continue to inspire leadership, feminism, and continued research today.

Dive into the complex world of the Hundred Years War and examine how history from events and people who lived hundreds of years ago still affect our lives today in literature, research, and the arts.

Topics in this Masterclass include:

  • What made Joan of Arc such a remarkable woman in her time period?
  • What's the modern interpretation of her story in a religious, psychological, and historical context?
  • What are the parallels between Joan of Arc and Henry V as young people in turbulent times?
  • Why is history such an important area to study in today's world climate?

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