Emily Carpenter: Mythbusting Career Preparation

"Figuring out your life's work is really hard, and Nazareth wants you to feel that you have a team behind you." Center for Life's Work Executive Director Emily Carpenter demystifies career prep for high school students and how college can help get you ready for your future jobs. Emily busts two myths of career decision making, while explaining how Nazareth is the perfect place to explore what you love to do with a support team ready to help you figure it all out. Plus, hear all about the game-changing SPARK Grant for first-year and second-year college students.

Topics in this Masterclass include:

  • 2 common myths: "You need to know what you want to do" and "You need to go it alone in choosing your career path"
  • Two theories of careers
  • Nazareth's career coaches — 10 people dedicated to helping you navigate the process beginning your first semester
  • Buzzwords like "experiential learning" that you will hear when you are deciding on a major and career
  • The SPARK Grant — it's a game changer

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