Susan Nowak: The History of Nazareth College

Join Susan Nowak, Ph.D., S.S.J., Nazareth religious studies professor, as she recounts the story of the women who founded the College, the need for it, and how it evolved.

The history of our College is rich, and it is one that every member of the Nazareth community is proud of. With all the history in our walls, there's bound to be something new for you to learn. Enjoy a guided tour of what it means to be a student at Nazareth and what traditions make our College so unique.

In this lecture, Nowak presents:

  • The history of our founders and the College's early task of meeting the needs of the times, and what that means for the college's curriculum and graduates
  • Influential individuals in our history and our history of inclusion
  • Our tradition of service

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