Matt Koetz: All About Math

We are trained at a young age to memorize our basic math facts, but math can be a love-hate relationship for many people. Nazareth Mathematics Professor Matt Koetz says there is a false perception that math is all about memorization.

In this masterclass he'll teach you that:

  • The human mind is really good at recognizing patterns, and that can set you up to enjoy math.
  • Math is a tool kit for solving problems and it's a life skill used every day
  • If you're not going into mathematics, he recommends a class in problem solving because you can apply those skills anywhere.
  • Artificial intelligence is a growing field — and how math plays a big role
  • Math isn't a solo area of study: Which majors pair well with mathematics.
  • The Rule of 72 and other math tricks can help you.

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