Teaching & Learning Technologies

The Teaching & Learning Technologies team leads efforts to strategically support the intentional integration of digital learning opportunities at Nazareth University through training, development, and consultative course design for faculty and staff. Connect with our team: 

  • through facilitated workshops with Nazareth faculty  
  • by request for small groups and academic departments
  • by making an appointment

Professional Learning Opportunities for Faculty & Staff 

Technology Guide by Function

Content Delivery 

  • Moodle is Nazareth's learning management system. It offers faculty a centralized point to share course content as well as facilitate virtual learning activities and assessments to students. Check out our comprehensive help sites: faculty help & student help.

  • An alternative way to share content is through Google Applications for Education. Share Google docs, sheets, forms, slides etc with students through Moodle to ensure a consistent learning experience for all students.  

Digital Lecture

  • Create and share mini video lectures in your Moodle course with Echo360. This platform also allows faculty to record and share lectures delivered onsite. Transcripts are generated with each published video to ensure access for all.

  • Zoom is our supported video conferencing tool used to conduct synchronous, virtual class sessions, hold digital office hours, and to live-stream onsite classes to virtual students. Pro tip: Record mini-lectures using Zoom and share with students through the Echo360 system for a streamlined experience!

Virtual Learning & Collaboration

  • Google Apps provide endless opportunities for virtual collaboration and resource development. Immersive Technology and Applications is a new way to incorporate digital learning into face-to-face and hybrid course designs. 

  • Qualtrics is a robust survey design tool available for all faculty and students at Nazareth. Explore research, data collection, and analysis in your course with this user-friendly platform.

  • Support your students as they learn through technology. Info based Learning Cloud provides video training on programs like SPSS, iMovie, Excel which are easily embedded in a Moodle course. 


  • Written work submitted to the assignment activity in Moodle can use Turnitin. This tool provides information to assist faculty in determining the originality of student work.  
  • Exams adapted for online delivery using the Moodle quiz activity can be required to use Respondus LockDown Browser and virtual monitoring. These secure testing measures can help to ensure academic integrity for online exams.

Technical Help for Faculty

Teaching Technologies Support Site 

This comprehensive site includes just-in-time technical resources for Moodle, Zoom, Echo360 video recording and more. 

Need Help?

Submit a ticket using the Nazareth TDX support site to request help with any of our digital learning platforms or directly email teachingtech@naz.edu

TIIL Fellow Projects

Nanobytes: Tiny tech tips

Current TIIL Digital Learning Fellow Nicole Juersivich, Associate Professor of Math and the Director of Assessment, joins us this academic year to share her teaching with technologies expertise with the faculty community. 

Check out Nanobytes: Tiny tech tips for simple, practical ways that Nicole uses technology in her teaching life. Each blog post will include why she uses a technology, how she use it, and a brief how-to video tutorial. Please feel free to share your own experiences, examples, and ask a question in the comments! 

Immersive Learning Resource

The Immersive Technology and Applications for Education resource explores this emerging technology and current options for instruction. Immersive technology is any system that alters a person's perception of reality.

Immersive learning systems can replace the person's reality entirely (Virtual Reality) or act as an overlay providing additional information to the physical environment (Augmented Reality). Immersive 360 experiences allow a person to drop into a scenario and watch it unfold, like a virtual fly on the wall.

This website resource was constructed by Dr. Linda Riek, Associate Professor in Physical Therapy and TIIL Digital Learning Fellow in the 2020-2021 academic year.