Residential Life

First Year Residential Experience (FYRE)

The First Year Residential Experience program, FYRE, helps students transition  from high school to college life. We understand that everyone transitions differently, so the FYRE program is multifaceted. We strive to find community living options to support all of our new students.

All first-year students take a one-credit class called Academic and College Success (ACS), taught in a specially designed classroom in Kearney Hall or Clock Tower Commons. The class is provided in partnership with Academic Affairs and the Center for Student Success.

Incoming freshmen choose one of five FYRE housing options.

FYRE Program Options

Linked ACS Class
Undeclared Majors
Global Experience
By Major

FYRE is about much more than housing. The program offers great opportunities for student involvement and leadership through creative programming. FYRE encourages students to make the most of their collegiate experience by focusing on interpersonal development, community development, intercultural competence, and civic engagement. FYRE is one of the central components of the College's First Year Experience.

students in kearney hall

Let's face it:

Friendships and memories are a cornerstone of the first-year college experience. By combining the strengths of Residential Life and academics, Nazareth's FYRE program gives first-year students an advantage that can't be beat.