New Student FAQs


When I try to log into the housing & meal plan system, the website can't find my record. Is there something wrong?

This usually means that it has been less than 48 hours since you paid your enrollment deposit. If this is the case, please wait until 48 hours or more has passed, and then try logging into the Nazareth's housing & meal plan system with your MyNaz account credentials.

If you have any questions about activating your MyNaz account or other technical issues, contact the Information & Technology Service Desk at 585-389-2111.

How do I sign up for a meal plan?

Meal plans are selected through the same online system as our on-campus housing application. Read an overview of dining at Nazareth College to learn more about meal plan options, places to eat on campus, and more.

What if a student needs help? Is there someone to turn to for assistance?

Yes. A Resident Assistant lives on each floor and is trained to handle student concerns. If the Resident Assistant is not able to help, they will make an appropriate referral.

Are there ways to get involved in residence halls?

Yes. There is a Residence Hall Council which operates under the student government. Resident Assistants plan programs and activities and are always looking for input. A student with ideas should feel free to speak to the RA or stop in the Residential Life Office on the first floor of Kearney.

My student is an athlete and will be coming early. Will the room be ready?

We want student athletes who have to arrive early for preseason training to be able to get settled when they arrive. Barring unforeseen circumstances, they will move directly into their own rooms.

Can I leave my items in my room over breaks?

Yes. You do not need to remove your belongings over breaks, only that items that you will need (i.e., medication, ID, chargers, etc.).

Room Assignments & Roommates

Where can first-year students live on campus?

First-year students can live in Kearney, Lourdes, and O'Connor 1.

See Residence Halls.

Can I select a roommate / suitemate?

Yes. We offer our students the opportunity to choose their roommate / suitemates.

Roommates >>

Can students of different years live together?

First-year students are placed with other first-year students.

When will I receive my room assignment?

Students entering in August: First week of July, on Nazareth's housing system, you can view your room assignment and the name and email of your assigned roommate(s), to help you coordinate moving in.

Students entering in January: Last week of December, on Nazareth's housing system, you can view your room assignment and the name and email of your assigned roommate(s), to help you coordinate moving in. 

Furniture & Appliances

Can I re-arrange my room setup?

Any student in a double may re-arrange their room. Students in re-modeled triples are unable to move their furniture from the setup.

What size are the beds?

All of our mattresses are Twin XL.

Regular-sized twin sheets will not fit any of the beds on campus, so please ensure that the linens you bring to campus are XL.

Can I bring a loft?

We are sorry, but you must use the furniture that is assigned to the room. Lofts, except for those provided by the college, are not allowed. Nazareth College does not have storage facilities, so you may want to set up your room before adding any other furniture. It can get a bit crowded. Lofting beds is not allowed within the residence halls.

How much space is under the bed?

26 inches, when fully raised. Most beds in double rooms have 26 inches of space underneath. The triple occupancy rooms have built-in drawers under the beds. 

How do I get my bed raised / lowered?

Please do not change the height of your bed on your own, instead: 

  • Look for the QR code (next to your RAs room door) that links to a bed height adjusting request form.
  • In the form, indicate the bed height you want.  
  • Be sure to submit your request no later than 8/29
  • Our facilities folks will stop by to securely adjust your bed to your specifications.

(Note: Residents in re-modeled triples are not able to adjust their bed height.)


Can I bring a microwave or toaster oven?

No. Our residential facilities do not have enough power for such appliances nor are they safe in such large residential settings. The fire marshal will do periodic safety inspections and remove items that are not allowed on campus.

However, microwaves and toaster ovens are available in residence halls and in academic buildings.

What size refrigerator can I have in my room?

Depending on your location, the size of the refrigerator allowed will vary.

Any double: not to exceed 4.5 cubic feet

Any remodeled triple: not to exceed 26" in height

How many refrigerators are allowed in a room?

For any room type, a maximum of 2 refrigerators are allowed per room. Please communicate with your roommates prior to moving onto campus. Any more than 2 per room will need to be removed from campus.

We recommend only having one refrigerator per room.

Does Nazareth offer refrigerator rental?

No, we do not provide these services. However, in the fall, a few upper-level students offer to sell their used refrigerators for a nominal fee. Students tell us the best retailers for the small units are Walmart, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, or BJ's Wholesale Club.

Can I bring a TV?

Yes! Each room has cable and WiFi is offered throughout the buildings. We do not recommend bringing more than two TVs per room. There is no size limit.

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