Residential Life


How Roommates are Assigned

Nazareth College believes that an important part of the residential learning experience is getting to know and deal with new friends in a new environment. Most national studies show that successful roommate pairings are as likely if done randomly as when prospective students are matched by a questionnaire.

We have chosen criteria that we feel are most important and included them on the application.

You also have the option on the housing application to request a specific roommate(s). You could find a potential roommate by attending a #NazBound event or connect with other NazBound students on our roommate spreadsheet.

When making room assignments, we consider the preferences you indicate on your housing application and related materials.

Rooms are restricted on the basis of gender only, except where otherwise indicated.

We do not assign rooms or make room changes on the basis of race, religion, national origin, or other such factors.

Living with Roommates

Getting Along
Sharing and Use of Personal Possessions
Room-keeping Attitudes
Visitors to the Room
Developing Friendships
Study Habits
Personal Habits