Residential Life

Become an RA

Resident Assistants (RAs) help to create inclusive and healthy communities on campus. As paraprofessional staff members of Nazareth College, RAs are expected to act in ways, on and off campus, that reflect the ideals of the Nazareth community. RAs are key members of the Residential Life Staff team and, as such, are held to high standards. The job description that follows is intended to be used as an outline of the responsibilities entailed in the RA position. 

Job Description

Community Development
Policy Enforcement

Time Commitment

RAs are required to devote an average of 15 hours per week to the position and may take one weekend off every month, with the approval of their Area Director. To ensure that the RA is available to residents and able to perform their duties, outside activities are limited to 15 hours a week (e.g. course overload, extracurricular activities, outside employment). RAs who want to seek further employment hours must get approval from their supervising AD.