Graduate Aria Concerto Competition

  • RegistrationOnline registration
  • Deadline: Monday, January 1, 2024
  • Eligibility: Matriculated graduate music majors are eligible to compete
  • Competition Date: Sunday, January 21, 2024
    4 – 6 pm (Auditions are scheduled for 10-minute time slots and will be posted on the orchestra bulletin board on the first floor.)
  • Location: Beston Hall
  • Winners: Judges will select one winner to perform at the Nazareth Symphony Orchestra or Wind Symphony winter or spring concert.
Competition Guidelines
  • Piano accompaniment is required.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Check the availability of your accompanist before filling out the application form.

  • Pianists should condense piano accompaniment for instrumentalists where appropriate.

  • Students are allotted a 10-minute audition time.  If your movement/piece exceeds the allotted time limit a judge will cut you off.  You may also choose to select certain portions of the movement/piece that fit within the 10-minute time frame.

  • Judges may select up to two winners to perform on the Symphony Orchestra February or April concert.  Judges may select up to one winner to perform on the Wind Symphony February or April concert.

  • The solo or concerto movement does not have to be memorized with the exception of pianists and vocalists.  Know that memorized pieces demonstrate your ‘command’ of your piece, and allows you to be freer in musicality and interpretation.

  • Students and their teachers should select a solo, aria or concerto movement considering the difficulty of the orchestral accompaniment and the availability of a wind ensemble/band accompaniment or transcription.

  • Teachers should make sure that orchestral/band parts are readily available and are reasonable to purchase or rent.  Please feel free to contact Nancy Strelau ( or Jared Chase ( if you have any questions.

  • Each soloist will receive written feedback within a week of the competition.

    Ø  Vocalists may sing two selections as long as they don’t exceed the 10-minute allotment.

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