Recording Studio

Nazareth's on-campus recording studio opened in Founders Hall in 2016, with equipment, classes, and guidance for students to record their own and others' music.

Gig room

  • Nord keyboards
  • Kurzweil keyboard
  • Yamaha upright and grand piano
  • Marshall, Vox, Fenders, Mesa Boogie, Boss amps
  • Fender and Ovation electric and acoustic guitars
  • Fender basses
  • Yamaha Drum Kit
  • Roland V-Drums electronic kit
  • Roland SPD sampling pad
  • Multiple percussion instruments
  • Multiple PA systems
  • Multiple movable acoustic panels

Recording studio

  • Top of the line Sweetwater Creation station computer
  • Multiple DAW platforms
  • Nord Stage 3 88 keyboard
  • A huge number of audio plug-ins (full WAVE bundle, UAD, Slate etc)
  • Antelope and Orion preamp and interface
  • NEVE 1073 SPX Pre Amp
  • 1176LN Limiting Amplifier
  • Many mics, including Royer 121s, Royer 122s, U87, Telefunken 47, AKG 414's, Slate Digital VMS ML-1, Shures, Sennheisers, etc.
Students use digital equipment in music studio, seeing musicians through window

Recording studio

Naz Recordz

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