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Islamic Awareness Week, March 6 -10

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Nazareth Muslim Student Association (MSA) provides opportunities for Muslim students to gather, worship, and support each other in community.

MSA sponsors Quran teachings on Tuesdays from 12:10PM - 1:00PM GAC 351. The Quran sessions will be held on the following dates:

March 7 - Good and Evil

March 21 - Wealth and Poverty

April 4 - Environment and Nature

April 18 - Jesus and Mary

The Quran Teachings will be lead by Dr. Muhammad Shafiq, Executive Director of the Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies.

Jumu'ah Salah takes place every Friday at 1:30PM in George Hall Lounge.

Nazareth MSA also provides a gateway for the college and community to learn more about the Islamic faith through educational and experiential events such as the Ramadan dinner, which is open to the campus community.

The Nazareth MSA hopes to serve not only the needs of Muslim students, but to provide outreach at Nazareth College and help the greater community through collaborative and interactive projects. Nazareth MSA is actively involved in interfaith work on campus and beyond. 

MSA partners with CFS clubs and has partnered up with clubs such as Hillel, Amnesty, INC, and the French club.


Questions? Contact:

Student Program Leader:
Bibi Amin,

Sophia Qureshi,

Join the Nazareth Muslim Student Association Facebook page for information about upcoming events and programs.